Our mission is not just to roast coffee. We did not get together to create our own blend of coffee.

We are on mission to make coffee available for all of you on the way that we do.

Everything start with sourcing best coffee beans, analyzing in our lab, and then roasted on state of the art equipment to fulfill our customer demands. Tradition of drinking coffee in our nation is deeply engrained for many centuries.

That's why we seriously take our task and create traditional coffee blend that fulfill our nation needs. Fight for taste and try Pržioničar coffee.

First and most important step in process of creating Pržioničar coffee is analyzing raw coffee beans. Measuring moisture of coffee we determine organic quality, of coffee, based on defects beans we define classification and with software control roasting process we are giving coffee unique aroma and taste. In our viewpoint each and every step is equally important 'cause we care about coffee. Fight for taste and try Pržioničar coffee.

In order to provide same quality of coffee to our customer as one that We enjoy, grinding and packaging process is double checked to ensure same quality in all bags. Grinding by constant granulation without heating coffee is most demanding process that we took on special grinder to get rich crema while preparing coffee. Software control process of roasting guaranteed same aroma and flavor of roasted coffee at all time. Enjoy as we do all the time when we drink Pržioničar coffee.