Coffee skillfully crafted
by our roaster.

Our craftsmenship is defined by quality, that begins with consistency, transparency and knowledge that coffee beans from farm to cup has to be analyzed, roasted and checked on up to date equipment in order to provide perfect quality. We are roaster which on unique way control, roast and examine coffee beans in order to assure quality our Pržioničar coffee. Fight for taste and try Pržioničar coffee.


The artisanal mixture of several types of Arabica and Robusta has a unique taste and cream.

Taking into account our habits, our tradition, our way of socializing and using the most modern equipment for testing and roasting coffee, We have made Classic Pržioničar traditional coffee which will satisfy requirements of the biggest coffee fans.

Enjoy yourself with Classic Pržioničar coffee as all those who have tried it at least once already enjoy it.


If you are ready to travel with us through the world of coffee, then this mixture of Arabica and few Robusta will release all your senses.

Traveling around region, hanging out with friends, soaking up our culture, We made a coffee bean blends that best reflect our traditional taste, especially for those who have been drinking strong coffee.

Try Strong Pržioničar coffee and continue to travel with us through this amazing world of coffee.

Fight for

Every journey starts somewhere, every happiness has its beginning, every morning starts with coffee. Our journey goes along the paths of coffee, our happiness begin with socializing over coffee, our mornings run with Pržioničar coffee.

Don't let bad coffee disrupt your journey, your happiness, your mornings. Fight for taste and try Pržioničar coffee.

Roasting coffee is both
an art and a science!

Years of experience, training and state of the art equipment are needed to release aroma that green coffee retain from each coffee bean. Basically, coffee roasting is transformation of physical and chemical compounds of coffee beans, but for perfect coffee, great knowledge of both coffee bean itself and the coffee roasting process is necessary. It only takes few seconds difference in the roasting process to turn perfect coffee aroma into bad coffee taste. That's why Pržioničar coffee has been examine, software control roasted and checked on most modern equipment so that the quality is perfect and always the same.

Each coffee bean has its own geographical origin, its own aroma that it retain, its own acidity and sweetness, its own bitterness and flavor. That is why each coffee from different plantations is roasted separately in a way that best present its organic aroma.

Our task as a roaster is to show in a best way the dedication and effort of the farmers who grow coffee by roasting each coffee bean in a way that preserves its organic characteristics that correspond to the quality of the coffee itself. Coffee is much more than just a drink. Its present farmer who plant coffee tree as well as roaster who release coffee aroma and taste.